Working with competitors on anything is a complex business, added to that a specialist and emerging domain such as mobile advertising and payments, Vodafone needed a partner who would know everything and know nothing at the same time.
Client Need 
In 2011 mobile advertising and payments was in the early stages of market development, in the UK as elsewhere, few had made the transition from Internet to mobile advertising, and few in the operators understood the new media marketing requirements.   Threatened by the Internet players such as Google and Facebook, yet restrained by Competition law, and data privacy regulations, the operators in the UK embarked on a project to build a new business that would give the new media and payments market a single channel to buy x-operator media and common APIs to build mobile payments and media services on.  The project known as ‘Oscar’, needed to go through extensive EU Competition Commission review, and hence the project team needed to rigorously keep all the designs, plans and information internally to the team in order to comply with regulation and give Oscar the best chance of approval.

Vodafone as one of the partners was responsible for supplying a team to set up the CTOs office, designing the solution architecture that would deliver against Oscar’s business plan.  They needed a discrete partner with very clear data management who would be accountable for delivery of key elements of the submission,  have subject matter expertise in the domain, and who would be flexible to work with other 3rd party suppliers and other mobile operator teams.

Oscar delivered successfully and was approved, it became Weve ( 

IJ Solution 

ij brought together a team of a CTO with domain expertise in digital media and payments, a business analyst, an experienced mobile advertising product manager and a CTO mentor who had Executive level experience of working with mobile operators.  Working with Chinese walls, the team were able to seamlessly integrate with the other Oscar teams.  The CTO team developed multiple technology roadmap options, and were subject to many changes in scope and objectives from Oscar’s partners.  As Oscar became Weve, the team handed over to the Weve start-up team.  Becoming dispensable, a clear sign of success.

Quote from client 

"What made ij unique was their expertise in the digital media domain, and their experience of working with mobile operators".

Paresh Modi
Group Head of Business Development

Quote from contractor 

“I was delighted to be part of the IJ consultant team working on behalf of Vodafone. IJ put together a team of industry experts with a proven track record of delivering complex projects on time and budget. I found the management structure and support provided by IJ during the course of this project was excellent which meant I could focus on ensuring that my deliverables met the expectations of both Vodafone and Weve. The IJ team delivered a solution for the client on time and on budget.” DC Patel