Contract Type 
Newbury, Berkshire
Closing Date 
28th Jun '19

We are recruiting on behalf of our client within the telecommunications industry for a Process & Business Change Analyst to work on site representing ij. Our client requires Process Analysis & Business Change services in order to support a Ready Networks programme to delivery on the below,

Key Objectives in the Period:

  • Work with Ready Network programme Business Analysts, Project Managers, Product Managers and Solution Designers to identify and implement an End-to-End Solution which meets both the needs of our customers and our business drivers, and identify and develop pragmatic and credible overall solutions to support the implementation of a New Products/Enhancements and change into Global Provide, including identification of Service Heavy v’s Development Heavy change.
  • Provide clear requirements for Order Entry inputs i.e. Portals / Order Forms and clear requirements to IT for Portals, Order Forms and Order Entry systems and manage projects relating to the implementation of new working practices within Global Provide in to relation Ready Network Programme
  • Document all process requirements in a logical and usable manner that enables easy maintenance and usage of documentation by stakeholders
  • Review As-Is existing processes and LWI’s for Ready Network Programme to ensure that they are compliant with the needs of Global Provide and that correctly reflect the interlock with processes
  • Identify non-compliance to the processes to Global Provide and ensure action plans are put in place to address the issue
  • Provide Financial/Cost tracking analysis, management and forecasting, (including resources required) and management of early life orders for NPD, manage and maintain dashboard reports, project plans, project trackers in relation to Ready Network
  • As Ready Network Programme is being delivered utilising Agile the following key Epics/Increments in progress – UCC - RNAP-12: Cross Product: Customer transition and takeover process, UCC - RNAP-766: SD-WAN Enhancements Incr 1 – NCR, UCC - RNAP-766: SD-WAN Enhancements Incr 2 -IF CSO, UCC - RNAP-766: SD-WAN Enhancements Incr 3 - NFX 150, UCC - RNAP-766: SD-WAN Enhancements Incr 4 - N+3 & PKI, UCC - RNAP-22: VNF's on CISCO Incr 1
  • Complying to Global Provide CAB approval process for each individual Project increment pre-launch
  • Review and sign-off of key documents such as SDS ( Service Design Specification ), UAT/ORT test plans and final test reports inline with Global Provide SME’s ( relevant to each Increment )
  • Management of Global Provide resource demand from Ready Network Programme
  • Bi-weekly updates to Global Provide Principal Management in regards to Ready Network Programme

Key Deliverable's in the period:

D1 Current State Analysis (*.doc) This document qualifies the requirement and establishes current status on all key documents, projects and stakeholders. It provides a high level view and establishes RAIDD, RACI and project plan

D2-7 Business Change Iteration (*.sharepoint; *.jira)

The following represents a super-set of potential activities and deliverables precise content of each iteration to be agreed as part of projects’ prioritisation process. Format and templates for standardised artifacts are expected to be provide by the client, Where required ij will provide. Many of the following documents will be updated and refined as part of each iteration.

  • Business Change Approach (*.doc; *.ppt) Design change management framework: run impact assessment with impacted teams, understand business context and identify processes to be build to support new structure Includes scope, objectives, detailed plan, resource requirements, KPIs and CSFs as well as an analysis of risks, assumptions, issues, decisions and dependencies. In order to support evolving Agile delivery approaches and methods, these may be be documented as User Stories.
  • RACI, Stakeholder Mapping & Communications plan (*.xls; *jira; *.ppt) Including management of business / technology engagement strategy, rhythm and format necessary to support Agile delivery process where necessary. Communications plan covers

Who: RACI and audience segmentation plan against programme life-stage

What: Key Messages by audience

When: Programme Communications Plan

How: Open channels at portfolio level (eg monthly comms, all hands events), specific channels for particular comms at particular times.

Why: What is the call to action if any?

  • Management of Business Process and Business Operating Model Analysis (*.doc) Individual analyses of as-is / to-be business operating model (BOM) and supporting business processes necessary for the implementation of change.
  • Business Change Impact Assessment (*.doc) Provided against specific changes, deliveries or systems. Assesses the changes in business operating model, resourcing, cost/benefit model and business processes. Supported by inputs from business analysis function.
  • Up to date business change project plan (*.jira) Over-arching sprints aligned with end-to-end delivery against Approach, Scope and Objectives.
  • RAIDD and inter-dependency mapping & tracking (*.xls) Proactive risk management and on-going mitigation analysis, critical path tracking.
  • Business Change inputs to Project Documentation control (*.sharepoint) Maintenance and updates of project documentation store and assurance of quality and version control across multiple sources. Aligned with communications plan and Vodaone governance requirements.

D8-13 Process Analysis & Design Iteration (*.sharepoint)

The following represents a super-set of potential activities and deliverables precise content of each iteration to be agreed as part of projects’ prioritisation process. Format and templates for standardised artifacts are expected to be provide by Vodafone. Where required ij will provide. Many of the following documents will be updated and refined as part of each iteration.

  • Process Landscape (*.vsd; *.ARIS; *.ppt) Defines the overall process landscape including all operating entities impacted or involved in the end-to-end solution. Provides overall high level view of the As-Is and To-Be context and categorises processes into logical groupings. Landscape enables prioritisation of the processes that are going to be re-designed or improved so that work can befocused on those processes which on improvement will bring most business value
  • L1 process As-Is and To-Be (*.vsd; *.ARIS) Documents the processes high level as-is and to-be with CSFs and suggested roadmap for prioritized approach
  • L2, L3 and L4 processes (*.vsd; *.ARIS; *.sharepoint) These documents successively detail to-be processes in increasing detail based on feedback and reviews at each stage
  • L5 Work Instructions (*. Sharepoint) These documents provide detailed guides to carrying out prioritised processes.
  • Key Metrics & recommended SLA’s (*.xls) Supports operational management and continuous improvement

Essential Skills & Experience:

  • Telco experience essential
  • A minimum of 5 years in a similar position


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