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inglis jane’s CEO Nicky Hickman will attend MyData in Helsinki, Finland, on August 29th.

The three-day MyData conference will cover topics relating to business, legal, technological and social trends in the collection, storage and usage of personal data.

Sessions on governance, portability and inter-operability are also part of the show’s packed agenda. Speakers include a representative from the World Bank, privacy experts, academics, researchers and a selection of digital transformation leaders.

Nicky said: “I’ve been contributing to the Sovrin Trust Framework (STF) working group for almost two years, and will be attending a two-day workshop to finalise the draft of STF V2 which is being launched to the community for public review at MyData, so it made sense to join the conference for a day. It promises to be a great opportunity to meet and learn more from some of the foremost thinkers in the personal data ‘space’.

“I’m also particularly looking forward to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) track, as I think there are two ‘next big questions’ post-GDPR: how do we manage the relationships between people and machines / things, and how do we give people the tools to manage, cultivate and benefit from our data? Data ownership and control is of course important, but to an extent the data is pointless and valueless without the AI and analytics that put it to work.”

If you would like to meet Nicky at the show, please email [email protected]

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