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inglis jane CEO Nicky Hickman has joined the Advisory Board of CULedger, a US-based project aiming to create a permissioned, distributed, shared platform for credit unions.

Credit unions are typically non-profit cooperatives that allow members to borrow from pooled deposits at very low interest rates. CULedger wishes to make their businesses more accessible and efficient by creating a shared ledger (digital record) platform. This ledger would provide proof of ownership via cryptographic signatures, eliminating the need for a central administrator or central location for stored data.

Nicky has been asked to join the Advisory Board, known as Team Aspire, in order to share her innovation expertise, advice and ability to challenge accepted norms. She will also be tasked with helping to grow CULedger membership.

Nicky said: “I have been working with Rick Cranston, CULedger’s Chief Operating Officer, on other identity projects, and quickly came to understand and admire what CULedger is trying to achieve.

“A cooperative model for identity services is a good organisational model because it has as its baseline the sharing of value and collective, mutual principles that are essential to market-making. It was easy to say ‘yes’ when Rick asked me to join the Advisory Board. I’m honoured to be part of such an illustrious group.”

Nicky’s background in consumer-facing identity is a particular asset to the group. She said: “Many identity markets are effectively driven by financial services sectors, for example usage-based insurance, but it’s big banks and credit reference agencies that have driven innovation and reaped considerable rewards. These two groups have focused their attention on higher value customers who are credit-worthy, but this means more financial and digital exclusion.

“CULedger promises to deliver positive change, enabling participation from ‘thin-file’ customers – such as those who are young, don’t have credit cards and don’t pay utility bills.”

CULedger CEO and President John Ainsworth said: “The skills and expertise that Ms. Hickman brings to the Advisory Board are nothing short of extraordinary. We are truly grateful that she has agreed to join us and help forge the way into the future.”

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