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Meet Our Team: Neal Hutton

Meet Our Team:

At inglis jane we’re extremely proud of the depth of talent in our pool of more than 1,500 consultants and contractors. Our Resource & Talent Manager Neal Hutton is in charge of growing this community, and ensuring a ‘best-fit’ for both client and candidate alike.

Here are a few thoughts from Neal about working at ij recruit.

Tell us a bit about your career to date?

I’ve always been in recruitment, covering everything from large industrial account management through to corporate banking, FMCG, IT, technology and specific corporate acquisition and divestiture roles.

Why recruitment?

I’m a ‘people’ person. I love making successful placements and the positive impact this has on our clients and our candidates alike. Meeting and getting to know new people is a big driver for me – it’s very satisfying to forge relationships and help a talented person take the next step in their career.

What are your typical tasks in a day?

I oversee all recruitment activities for ij, specifically finding and updating roles, sourcing and screening candidates, arranging interviews and taking the time to properly understand the needs of our clients. I’m on the phone a lot!

What do you look for in a candidate?

A perfect match for skills and experience, a positive attitude and eagerness to continue to learn and add value to our client. They need to represent ij to a very high standard; not just in skills but also in the way they work. We expect our people to operate with openness, a service and delivery focus and a willingness to share knowledge with those around them.

Why should a business choose to source candidates through ij?

We have a massive candidate network of more than 1,500 highly-skilled people. We’re proven. We’re open, transparent and respectful. And we react to every need with a sense of urgency.

Why should a candidate choose ij?

Many of the same reasons as above. We keep them informed throughout the recruitment process, and never mislead. We’re interested in long-term relationships with our clients and our candidates. That means we don’t put square pegs into round holes just to fill a position – that would be counterproductive to what we want to achieve.

What is the best thing about your job?

The variety of tasks and people I meet. Both keep me on my toes!

What is the most challenging thing about the role?

Ensuring candidates are hired with as little effort from the hiring managers as possible: we must have the right candidate first time round. And staying on top of what’s going on in our clients’ marketplaces. We work with digital transformation, innovation and identity experts as well as technology innovators; all very fast-moving areas. I have to make sure I’m up to speed with industry topics and breakthroughs so I can properly understand skills and requirements.

What was your biggest success with ij?

Every request we receive is treated as a matter of urgency. It is not unusual for us to get a recruitment request on a Friday afternoon, an interview with a candidate organised for the Monday morning and the position filled by Tuesday. I love it every time we bring clients and candidates together, and making sure they are happy.

One particular example I’m proud of is when we engaged with a new client last year – a prestigious multinational technology company was looking for a wireless systems design engineer. It is the first time we were working with a company in this sort of industry, sourcing a job role also outside our usual scope. But we found a great candidate very quickly, who went on to get the job.

How should a candidate make contact with you?

Drop me an email or contact me through LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing what makes you tick!

Neal and his colleagues are always looking to develop new connections and to meet prospective candidates. If you have a set of great skills and are looking for a new opportunity, email Neal at [email protected]