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Meet Our Team: Susan Mace

Meet Our Team:

Sharp on strategy and super-reliable on sums; Susan Mace is inglis jane’s Operations Director and a key driving force behind our rapid growth. Here Susan explains how her many years in senior management roles helps her keep cool under pressure.

Tell us a bit about your career to date.

I joined inglis jane in 2012 having previously worked at a senior level in sales and marketing in the IT industry for 25 years.

What are your typical tasks in a day?

I have a hand in virtually every aspect of the business because it’s my job to ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes setting financial budgets, HR matters, ensuring everyone is paid on time and managing our database to guarantee our data is validated. I also ensure ij complies with all regulatory requirements such as GDPR, health & safety, accounting, insurance matters.

What is the best thing about your job?

I like making sure all the team are working at their best and supporting the CEO in implementing our goals. I enjoy doing this in a timely and cost effective way, driving and promoting change management to achieve sustained, high quality productivity throughout the organisation. I love dealing with a range of clients and contractors every day. It’s always rewarding to be thanked by them for providing a great service. Also, as ij is a ‘virtual’ company with no office, we can better invest our resources to the benefit of everyone, and I can work from anywhere, allowing me to do so from Devon, where I live.

What is the most challenging aspect about the role?

Ensuring the client and contractors are happy with our service and deliverables is top of our agenda. Working hard for our clients means being available for them at all times, which is a challenge we enjoy meeting.

How do you ensure clients and contractors have a rewarding experience with ij?

Transparency, reliability and availability. We put ourselves in their shoes, and ask ‘how would we like to be treated if it was us?’. We are always receptive to their needs so they have a consistently positive experience with ij.

What was your biggest success with ij?

I’m really proud of the way I’ve supported our growth. We’ve increased revenue ten-fold since I arrived, but have maintained true to the values we had when I first joined. It’s great to make sure the systems run smoothly – that means our wider team can do the things they are best at, without distraction.

What do you think ij does differently to competitors?

We treat our clients and contractors as real people, not revenue streams. We really do understand what is actually required by the client, or help the client understand what it is they truly need. We then package our solutions accordingly. We are a very ethical company, ensuring our carbon footprint is as low as possible and opening opportunities for all. That’s something we are really proud of.

Tell us something we might not know about you.

I am a keen bridge player and volunteer for the English Bridge Union schools programme, which sees me teach mini bridge to primary school children. This also helps boost their maths skills, so it’s very rewarding.

To contact Susan for Business or Bridge, please email [email protected].