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inglis jane CEO and founder Nicky Hickman will be sharing her views on GDPR and digital market forces at the South by Southwest® (SXSW) festival on March 12th.

Nicky was invited to join an IEEE Tech for Humanity Series panel discussion at the Austin, Texas, festival, having developed a reputation as a thought leader on digital identity and trust.

Nicky will join journalist and technology director Doc Searls and IEEE’s Karen McCabe to discuss A Game-Changing Shift in Control of Personal Data.

The hour-long talk promises to provide a combination of debate and insight into the disruptive effects of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. Regulatory change will also be explored; specifically in the context of what it means for moving power back to the people in the digital and data economies.

Details of the panel session can be found here. You can also read Nicky’s blog comparing GDPR to the Black Death here.