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With so much ongoing discussion about digital identity - not to mention the many vested interests contributing to it - it can be difficult to know who to trust. So, we thought we’d share 10 identity influencers and entrepreneurs our team value for their insight, expertise and ability to inspire.

Andrew Nash

VP of Consumer Identity at Capital One, you can find Nash’s thought-provoking articles on various aspects of digital identity on his LinkedIn profile. He has an impressive background working in identity and security architecture for companies including Google, PayPal and Trulioo, while his role as CTO for Sonoa Systems and Reactivity (since acquired by Cisco) saw him named one of Infoworld’s Top 25 Most Influential CTOs in 2006. Nash’s Twitter is @winemaker.


Ann Cavoukian

What Dr Cavoukian doesn’t know about privacy probably isn’t worth knowing. Three-term Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada, Dr Cavoukian leads the Privacy by Design (PbD) Centre of Excellence at Ryerson University. (PbD advocates proactively embedding privacy protection measures at every stage of a company’s operation. The model has been translated into 40 languages). Named one of the Top Women in Tech as well as appearing on several ‘Power’ lists, Dr Cavoukian can be followed on Twitter @AnnCavoukian.


David Birch

Figuring high on many ‘Top’ lists of digital influencers,  and followed by more than 20,000 people on Twitter, author and consultant David Birch is co-founder and global ambassador for transaction technology company Consult Hyperion. He contributes his digital transactions expertise to the company’s “Tomorrow’s Transactions” blog and podcast, and also writes a professional blog packed with refeshingly honest takes on the world of digital financial services at 15Mb. Birch’s other blog A Citizen of Woking’ contains musings on everything from film reviews to biometrics.


Don Thibeau

At, this identity expert’s insightful blog posts burrow into the myriad aspects of his topic, some enhanced with diagrams and video. Don is president and chairman of OIX (Open Identity Exchange), a test-bed for business, legal and government best practice in identity systems, and the Distributed Ledger Foundation.


Drummond Reed

Any tech expert followed on Twitter by Tim Berners-Lee is probably worth checking out. Meet Drummond Reed (@drummondreed), Chief Trust Officer at self-sovereign identity solutions firm Evernym. The company has its own blog page with posts on topics like digital identity and personal data but Reed occasionally blogs at where he demonstrates his expertise on internet identity, security, privacy and trust frameworks… oh and movies.


Eve Maler

She sings blues-funk rock ‘n’ roll when she’s not driving privacy and consent innovation at ForgeRock. Maler is top of the charts when it comes to digital identity matters and contributes her expertise on the company blog, but also has a personal website ‘Pushing String’, which albeit less up-to-date, discusses privacy, digital trust and consent to name a few.


Ian Glazer

The IDPro founder’s enthusiasm for identity management, privacy and compliance are shared on his blog Ian Glazer’s Tuesday Night. VP of Identity Product Management at Salesforce, and formerly VP of Gartner’s Identity and Privacy Strategies team, Glazer offers a detailed look at various aspects of identity systems now and to come…. or as he says on his website, a place to “rant, rave and ruminate”.


Katryna Dow

Founder of award-winning personal data platform Meeco, Dow champions digital rights and speaks globally on topics including privacy, identity and Me2B business models. Her comprehensive know-how can be found on her blog posts on with more up-to-date thoughts on Twitter @katrynadow.


Kim Cameron

The best endorsement of this identity guru and Microsoft’s Architect of Identity, is from his son Max, who says: ‘I continue to look to my Dad for guidance and advice, which I think a lot of other people do too.’ He’s not wrong. Cameron’s mostly bite-size blog posts are a breath of fresh air when it comes to discussing digital identity and privacy. He covers everything from anonymity to XRI.


Phil Windley

Tech educator and chairman of the Sovrin Foundation, Phil Windley is a passionate advocate of self-sovereign identity, sharing his prolific knowledge on his Technometria blog. As Dr Windley says, his website is an attempt to make sense of technology through exploration, analysis and reason. His site is also packed with white papers, slides and videos on everything from digital identity and web architecture to the Internet of Things and programming language design. You can join the Utah professor’s 6,000-plus followers on Twitter @windley.


Who do you go to for comment around the world of digital identity? Please share your recommendations below.


++ Please note, although we have contacted each of the influencers above as a courtesy, this article should not be taken as endorsement of inglis jane services by the individuals mentioned.