At inglis jane, we don't just partner with amazing individuals. Our network also includes a few trusted selected partner organisations that help us to add value and accelerate delivery for our clients.

One such business is CX NPD. CX NPD are customer experience experts, dedicated to ensuring new product development (NPD) is planned, delivered and launched with the customer in mind at all times.

CX NPD Director Jeroen Visser explained more about his business, and why CX NPD chooses to partner with inglis jane.

Jeroen, tell us about CX NPD.

“We’re a small team dedicated to helping businesses deliver incredible customer experience. In today’s competitive marketplace, features can be copied and prices undercut. The only sustainable competitive advantage is in the experience you can deliver to your customers. We help our clients harness this advantage by bringing the needs of their customers to the heart of their product or service development.”

When did you begin working with ij?

“I’ve known the ij CEO Nicky Hickman for many years, and have been working with her for more than a decade. Our paths crossed as we are both focused on program delivery, project management and digital transformation. Nicky has taught me a lot.”

Why do you like working with ij?

“I admire Nicky and her team. They always go the extra mile for their clients, their freelance consultants and their partners. They are a great example of ‘living the company values’. These values: respect, transparency and fairness are not just empty words. They live by them.”

How do CX NPD and ij complement each other?

“We learn from each other, and each bring something different to client projects. Our CX analysis and methodology ally perfectly with ij’s delivery focus; we make everything happen with the customer in mind, ij make things happen smoothly, quickly and help accelerate ROI. Personally, I’ve learned a lot from Nicky too. She taught me how to write an excellent customer proposal, so it’s always clear to the client what they are getting and every member of the team knows exactly what they need to deliver. And because we’ve worked together on so many projects, we know how to work together smoothly.”

You’ve also worked as a freelance consultant for ij. How would you describe working as a member of the talent pool?

“It’s a unique, refreshing experience. Many agencies seem to just focus on the volumes and the numbers, and have little to no interest in you as a person. At ij they really care about everyone working with them. You are not just a number. As a consultant you benefit from careful selection and placement, high quality statements of work, guidance during an assignment and also small but important things like access to discounted training. Plus of course there is the regular beer and nibbles social, which is always good fun and a chance to meet interesting people.”

To learn more about CX NPD visit If you would like some help with a customer experience project, a product or service launch or digital project delivery, contact