What happens when you’re introduced to the perfect project manager or a champion CTO? You want to keep them. Such has been our track record with finding people that our clients want to retain long after their project has finished, that we’ve introduced a new service: permanent recruitment and executive search. For us, we feel it completes our offering. For you, it’s an additional way to complete your team.

ij offer a full recruitment service that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We can work with you on your recruitment strategy and resourcing plans so that we work in a proactive way with you so that your recruitment needs can be delivered when you're ready.

ij have a track record of finding specialist consultants who deliver time and time again. These consultants are known to ij and we work together with our clients to provide solutions that have an immediate impact with clear and specific deliverables to be achieved. ij have built up a strong network of candidates who we know and trust and they are true experts in their field.


We provide contract resource to support skills gaps on projects as and when needed for either a short term or a longer term need. ij contractors provide specific skills so that they can can hit the ground running and deliver from day one.

  • Investing in people is your biggest asset and finding the right person for your business is critical to your success. We help our clients to find the right Permanent Resource to help grow and shape their business. We do this by listening to your needs and working with you to really understand your requirements. We go away and search, screen and interview candidates until we find that perfect match for you.

Our Executive search is a specialised recruitment service used to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialised positions. We have dedicated consultants who will discreetly research the availability of suitable candidates working for competitors or related businesses. Once possible candidates have been identified that match your requirements, we investigate whether the individual might be interested in moving to a new employer and also carry out initial screening of the candidate, negotiations on remuneration, and the employment contract.

ij provide a range of resources and skills to work as a team for specific programmes and projects. We have experience of bringing together effective teams such as a Programme Manager, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Change Leads and PMO support. This is an effective method of recruitment as our resources already have pre-existing relationships and they know how to work together to deliver.

We have been working with some of our clients for many years and have built a relationship based on trust and delivery. Many of our clients businesses are quite reactive and they often don't know when they will need someone. Talent pooling is a simple yet such an effective solution for our clients as we continually build talent pools of candidates who have the right blend of skills and competencies so that when our client has an urgent need we can provide the right resource quickly.