Respect and honesty are integral to the inglis jane way of working. We respect everyone’s talents and ambitions and are transparent when it comes to how we make money. We pride ourselves on being different from the average contract agency. Here’s how:

  • We keep margins to a minimum and we’re always open about the margins we charge and why.
  • We supply deliverables not days - while deliverables are calculated on how long we think it will take you to deliver them, what you supply the end-client by way of ij is a set of services such as product management, project management or solution architecture.
  • We sign a single contract for services with your limited company or you as a sole trader, and then every project becomes a new set of deliverables under that agreement.

Our process

  • We receive a brief from our client and reach into the ij network. If you’re not part of the network and want to be, join now
  • You may receive a call, see a notification here on the ij website, or in our LinkedIn group
  • We ask for an up-to-date CV and have a chat with one of our team to see if you’re a good fit for the project and the project is a good fit for you
  • We send your CV, and you may or may not have an interview or introduction with the client to discuss the brief
  • You both decide you want to work together
  • If you’re not already, you become a supplier to ij
  • You join the team and start working on the project
  • We pay you and we always pay on time!

Submit your CV to join our talent pool now.